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Discover Which Top 5 Furniture Pieces You Should Splurge On [+1 Bonus!]

by Ann Ferguson

Did you know that the occasional shopping spree has health benefits?With intermittent and strategic self-indulgence, the rush of dopamine will help relieve your stress and improve your mental health. And while you can always treat yourself to something free, on this National Splurge Day, you can finally create the home of your dreams!

While furnishing your home comes with endless questions, the main one of knowing where to splurge and where to save is a big one. But luckily, we're here to guide you through the top furniture pieces you should splurge on and where you can economize!

1. Sofas & Sectionals

Modern home with stylish living room seating

The couch is often the focal point of every living room: it's where you do all your relaxing. And since you use it so much, taking the extra time, effort, and money to select the best living room seating is essential.

So, splurge on high-quality materials like a kiln-dried hardwood frame, eight-way hand-tied springs, and customizable upholstery! The sturdier frame and springs will last you for years, while the upholstery lets you update to whichever style you see fit.

Pro Tip: For a stunning look in your living room, splurge on a living room set with a matching sofa, loveseat, and chair!

2. Coffee Tables

When you think about it, your coffee table goes through a lot of use. Whether as a place to hold all your living room essentials or your snacks as you binge-watch, your coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room and, as such, is worth investing in.

A sturdy coffee table with style in spades will match your living room design and stand up to wear and tear. You can even splurge a little extra on a coffee table with built-in storage or a lift-top. You'll keep clutter in your living room to a minimum and have a convenient table to eat off while watching TV.

3. The Bed

Stylish bedroom

We spend a lot of our time in bed, so why not invest in it? While splurging on your mattress is a must, you should also make sure to splurge on your bed style since it's the focal point of your bedroom. So, you'll need to find the bed type that matches your style, whether that's a luxurious canopy bed or a stylish metal bed.

And if you want a cohesive style that makes you smile every time you go into your room, look for a matching bedroom set with a bed, dresser, nightstand, and mirror! You won't regret spending those extra dimes!

Pro Tip: To make your bedroom feel even more luxurious, splurge on nice bedding and pillows, too!

4. The Dining Table

Luxe dining room

Another piece of furniture you should splurge on is your dining table. With two to three meals a day, your dining room table goes through a lot of use, which means finding a table that can handle everything you put on it. Even if you don't have an ample dining space, a good table can make all the difference.

So, invest in a durable table made of solid wood or some other heavy-duty material. And if you have a rustic table with unfinished wood, try adding some sealant to make it last longer.

Pro Tip: Go the extra mile with a matching dining room set for unbelievable style and plenty of seating!

5. Multi-Functional Pieces

You might think that multi-functional pieces of furniture are a gimmick, but they are very convenient. Going through your day-to-day is easier when you can use a piece of furniture for more than one purpose. Not to mention you save on space in your home, too.

So, when it comes to finding a shelving unit that can also be used as your workspace or a coffee table that can do the same, the efficiency is well worth spending a little extra on it.

6. Window Treatments

Woman opening drapes

One thing you can't overlook when it comes to splurging is your window treatments! These often round out your style and make your space pop, so finding the right ones will transform your space and add a little luxury to every room.

Therefore, you should invest in good-quality fabrics for your drapes and shades that can muffle sound, provide privacy, and keep out the light and heat. But if you're thinking you also need special curtain rods, don't — the focal point will be on the type of drapes you pick.

Where to Save Your Dough

The occasional self-indulgent splurge is good for the soul, but keeping to a budget is good, too. For your furniture, the pieces you should save on are the things that don't get a lot of use or the ones you can easily find. Some of these items include:

  • Side Tables
  • Floor or Table Lamps
  • Area Rugs
  • Artwork
  • Decor

Most of these pieces are easy to replace or make personal, so you don't have to stretch your wallet's capabilities.

Get Your Splurge On

Happy family on sofa

Creating your dream home requires time, effort, and expert budgeting. But the splurging on the occasional piece of furniture is more than good for you — it's good for your home, too! You'll lavish your home with the style you love and make the place feel more like you. So, if you're ready to get your splurge on, check out our furniture catalog at Westco Home Furnishings!

Have any questions? Give us a call or stop by — we'll help you find what you need!