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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furniture

by Reyna Thomas

Obviously, there are some pieces of furniture that have stood the test of time. We wouldn’t have antique shops or great-great-game grandmother’s tables if it weren’t for them. So, how long do you think your furniture will last?

While furniture does not have an expiration date like packaged foods, most people no longer buy furniture with the expectation that it will last a lifetime. The life expectancy of most pieces vary by many years and is determined by the original materials and construction of the pieces, the amount of daily use, and the level of care given to the furniture during its use. But there are some signs that you need to replace your furniture, just like these!

Sofas or Couches

When it comes to your sofa, knowing when to give it the heave-ho is essential, especially since you spend so much time relaxing on it. A couch should instantly help you relax — not cause you more aches and pains. So ff the couch is groaning, the cushions are drooping, and there is no longer any lumbar support, it’s time to replace it.

And if the upholstery is stained, stinky, peeling, or ripped then that means that it needs to be replaced or, at the very least, reupholstered.

finger pointing to sofa damaged leather
Upholstered Chairs

Comfy chairs are similar to sofas: you need to keep them in relaxation shape! And if you’re wondering that the same replacement hints that apply to a sofa also work for an upholstered chair, then you’d be right. If the upholstery is frayed, has holes, or stains, the chair will need to be replaced.

And if your chair has reclining mechanisms, you will also need to pay close attention to that and how it functions. If the reclining feature is no longer working properly, like it doesn’t extend all the way or the mechanism gets stuck, then it's definitely time to start shopping for a new one.

hand showing damaged armrest of sofa

Dining Room Chairs

Now dining room chairs are a different story, especially since you don’t spend as much time on them as with your living room furniture. With dining room chairs, especially if they are not upholstered, they can last for many years. So, unless they exhibit major signs of usage or no longer match the table they surround, it is a matter of personal opinion when to replace dining room chairs.

If you don’t have upholstered seats, you might only need to replace the chairs in specific situations. For instance, if the legs have become shaky due to kids reclining back in the chairs, and tightening the screws is no longer possible, the chair will need to be replaced.

However, if you need extra seats to entertain or for your family to sit comfortably, you may need to change the dining room set even before your old set officially goes kaput.

broken chair leg in hand

Dining Room Tables

Similar to dining room chairs, a dining room table can last for many years if the surface is not severely scratched, dented, or burned from general wear and tear. Keep in mind that though the table’s surface is designed to resist damage and can be minimized with placemats or tablecloths, you may have to replace the table if the damage to the tabletop is severe or difficult to fix. You may also want to consider replacing a dining room table if it has become too huge or too little to fit comfortably in the space.

Coffee, End, and Occasional Tables

You might not think much of your occasional tables, but these get a lot of use. Whether from using it as a footrest, for hot coffee cups, and wet drinking glasses, most coffee and end tables go through a lot of wear and tear. So, when they become unsteady, warped, or unattractive with too many rings from wet drinks, or no longer fit the size and aesthetic of the room, they should be replaced.

couple removing table

Design, Design, Design

The most obvious and sometimes overlooked reason to replace your furniture is simply your tastes changed. How can that tribal print you loved look so dated now? Understandably, different home styles and your own tastes change over time. So, don’t be afraid to get rid of the old stuff and add some new and stylish furniture to your home. And if you want to keep some of your favorite pieces, you can always blend them with your new design style!

Ready to shop? Excited to buy some new and amazing furniture? Westco Home Furnishings has all of your home furniture needs covered, whether you’re looking to replace your sofa, loveseat, or even your coffee table or dining room set! Get shopping today! And if you have any questions, please give us a call!