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7 Walk-In Closet Design Ideas to Fit Your Style

by Reyna Thomas

While a walk-in closet is designed to accommodate a large number of belongings, you may not be taking advantage of its full potential. You can create an attractive and functional space with the right tools and ideas.

So, to help you streamline your space, we've compiled closet design ideas and walk-in closet organization techniques!

Pro Tip: As a design rule of thumb, when determining how to organize your walk-in closet, ensure you employ as much vertical space as possible to maximize storage.

Closet Systems

walk in closet with a closet system

Consider installing a closet system to help you organize your walk-in closet. These pre-designed solutions include shelves, drawers, built-in closet rods, and a shoe rack, among other storage solutions. These closet solutions allow for personalized installation and provide time-saving usability by keeping objects visible and reachable. Closet systems can also be designed to accommodate spaces of any size, which is ideal if you have compact closet space.

Wire or Wood Shelves

wooden closest system with cabinets

Before you begin your project, you should figure out what kind of shelves will work best for your closet. Each shelf type has its own set of benefits. For instance, wire shelves are adjustable, easy to install, and are great for smaller closets. While wood shelves are sturdy, durable, great for large closets, but may need professional installation.

But you don't have to choose between wire and wood shelves for your walk-in closet — you can have both! For example, in a spacious master walk-in closet, wire shelving could be used for overflow storage and wood shelving for shoes or bag storage.

Add Cabinets

Rods and shelves aren't the only options for a walk-in closet. Cabinets offer great storage space. Solid doors will hide what's within, whereas cabinets with glass doors will show off your favorite items. You could also put lights inside the cabinets to really draw attention to the best pieces.

Grab a Mirror

closet system with mirror in center

When you have easy access to all of your clothes, you'll want to see how they look on you. So, a full-length wall mirror is a must-have in a walk-in closet. Plus, mirrors in a closet will create the illusion of space and help put your mind at ease.

Get Lighting

walk-in closet with chandelier and island

If there isn't enough lighting, it doesn't matter if you have the finest mirrors in your wardrobe. Hang a chandelier in your closet for the ultimate lighting upgrade. But you don't need to rewire your closet to adjust the lighting. Adding a floor or table lamp could be just what your closet needs!

Use a Vanity

vanity inside closet

A vanity can add just the right touch of style and luxury to any routine, so why not put one in your closest! A vanity or dressing table is the ideal spot for applying makeup and determining which jewelry pieces go best with your outfit. The ideal vanity is one that is well-lit. It should also have enough space for a chair or stool that can be tucked away when not in use.

Spread a Rug

A rug can help soften the look of your walk-in closet while also providing a more comfortable area to stand when selecting clothing. To tie the room together, you could choose a rug in a complementary color. A rug with a plush texture can also provide aesthetic appeal.

There are a variety of storage solutions for walk-in closet organizing, ranging from bins and baskets to wood shelves and whole closet systems. And when you add decorative appeal to your walk-in closet, you'll feel motivated to keep it clean and organized. So, what are you waiting for?

Westco Home Furnishings can assist you in making your walk-in closet dreams a reality! You can find vanities, lighting, mirrors, and rugs from our selection online or in-store. And if you have questions, give us a call or stop in today!