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5 Activities to Help Keep Kids Busy this Summer by Using Your Furniture [+1 Bonus!]

by Ann Ferguson

It's time for summer vacation, which means sunshine, longer days, and trying to keep the kiddos entertained! While no doubt they have video games and stuff to binge-watch, there's the worry that they'll stay total couch potatoes all summer. And while vegging out in front of the TV is good on occasion, they still need to break the routine and have a little fun.

You could always make plans to take them to museums, parks, sleepovers, etc., but there's still plenty you can do right a home! With these fun activities, getting your kids off the couch and away from those devices will be easy peasy!

1. Crafting Station

Boy and girl doing a crafting activity

When it comes to keeping your kids busy during summer vacation, you can't go wrong with a crafting station! This keeps the crafting mess confined to one spot and lets your kids indulge in their creative side. And they won't be as tempted to use your walls as a blank canvas!

So, make sure to find a sturdy coffee table with storage, a lift-top coffee table, or even a kids desk with plenty of compartments, so putting their tools away is easy! As for chairs, you can find kids chairs, poufs, or a comfy ottoman. Just make sure you don’t mind it getting glue, glitter, or paint stains all over it!

2. Forts for Days

Two kids under a blanket fort with a flashlight

Forts are a tried-and-true method that has been keeping kids entertained for ages. And there are several forts they can create; but don’t forget the key ingredient: couch cushions! But if your sofa or sectional doesn’t have removable cushions, you can always get creative with blankets, sheets, and throw pillows.

  • The Classic Fort: Use couch cushions to create a fortress and place the blankets on top. Bring a flashlight!
  • Table Fort: Get a tall table they can crawl under, put the blanket over the top, and add pillows underneath.
  • Indoor Tent: Grab some dining chairs, place the blanket or sheet over the backs of the chairs and anchor it with books on the seating, and put some pillows on the floor.
  • Teepee Tent: Use a coat rack as the anchoring pole, grab two blankets, connect them with a binder clip, and then drape them over the rack.

They can even decorate the inside of the tent or fort with string lights and themed accessories!

3. Home Water Park

Family having fun with water guns and buckets

Taking your kids to the actual water park is fun, but it takes up much of your day and requires a lot of planning. But that doesn't mean your kiddos can't have water fun — just bring the water park to your backyard! Give your kids some hoses, sprinklers, pool noodles, and water guns, and let them at it!

With a patio set, you can keep a close eye on the fun and soak up some sun at the same time. And if you don’t want to get soaked, designate your area as the “safe zone,” especially if your furniture isn’t waterproof.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to lay down towels in your home and cover up your other furniture so they don’t get wet!

4. Movie Night Under the Stars

Three kids eating pizza and watching a movie outside

If keeping your kids off their screens is an uphill battle, take it to the next level with an outdoor movie night! Grab a projector, a large sheet to use as a screen, and create a comfy zone with some large pillows and blankets. Or you can upgrade your experience with outdoor seating like outdoor sofas and sectionals.

Invite some friends and bring snacks; it'll make regular family movie night even more fun than they remember! Your kids will love the new experience.

Pro Tip: When the movie is done, you can bring the blankets and kids to the yard and do some stargazing!

5. Play-Time

One way to get your kid's energy out is by having them create a play or recreate a scene from their favorite book. The biggest draw for them will be decorating the set with their craft projects or stuffed animals as they use their imagination to the fullest! For example, they can also repurpose your furniture into props, like making a reclining chair with a swivel base into a "throne." Anything goes!

Once they've picked which room should be their "theater," you can hang up bedsheet curtains on a tension rod and put up some string lights for the “stage.” All that is left is setting up the chairs for the "audience" and helping your kids set the scene.

6. Boxes Everywhere

Family having fun with cardboard boxes

When it comes to using their imaginations, there's something about cardboard boxes that kids simply love. Kids will use them as makeshift tunnels or pretend to hide in them to scare people. It's their very own playhouse that they can adjust according to whatever they are playing at.

So, if you recently bought some furniture or just moved in, don’t throw out those boxes! Give them to your kids instead and watch their imaginations take flight.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have any large boxes, then ask a grocery store for the ones they’re planning to throw out; it’ll be the cheapest toy you’ve ever gotten for your kids!

Let the Fun Begin

There are loads of ways to keep your kids entertained, and you can do them all at home with some imagination and creative use of your furniture. But if your furniture doesn't look like it can handle your children playing, it's probably time to get an upgrade from Westco Home Furnishings!

If you have any questions, please give us a call or stop by! We'll help you find what you need to make this summer a blast.