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Furniture That Helps You Get and Stay Organized!

by Nora Jaymes

Keeping your home organized can seem overwhelming! With all the after-holiday additions to your home, children (and spouses) leaving everything everywhere, and never being able to actually see your countertops, it feels like a never-ending battle. You may even be asking yourself, is it even worth it? We have to tell you, yes, yes, it is.

An organized home isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it can also improve your mental health! Some benefits of a clean home are:

  1. Decluttering helps to reduce stress and anxiety. – It can be cathartic to watch those donation bags fill up with items you and your family no longer need or have a place for!
  2. Keeping an organized home saves you time in the long run! – Know exactly where everything is when you need it! So not only will you no longer spend extra time looking for your keys or favorite pair of shoes, but you won’t replace items you already have because you couldn’t find them.
  3. The act of organizing can boost your self-confidence. – Humans thrive on the feeling of being productive and accomplishing tasks. There’s a reason you get a dopamine hit every time you can cross something off your to-do list.
  4. Being organized promotes creativity! – Clutter can overstimulate your senses and make it hard for you to concentrate. Though, we can’t say that looking at an organized space might not also distract you – but in a good way!

Now, that all sounds great, right? But what about doing the actual organizing in your home?

There’s a simple solution to staying organized in every room of your home, and we’re here to break it down for you!

Staying Organized: Living Room

Minimalistic living room with bookshelves

  • Bookshelf: Bookshelves are an incredibly versatile way to add storage space to your home while still being aesthetically pleasing! You can stack books, add baskets or bins to hide your less attractive items, place plants, and more.
  • Ottoman: Ottomans, or footrests, are an excellent resource for storage space! You can find many that open to store extra blankets or pillows inside.
  • Coffee Table: Coffee tables aren’t just for holding big, pretty books and beverages! Adding a table with drawers or several levels can be a fun way to store your current read or go-to comfort movies.
  • Entertainment Center: It goes without saying that adding a TV stand with storage to your space offers much versatility in storage. Similar to a bookshelf, you can add baskets or find a stand with doors to hide all your wires and remotes while still finding them easily!

Staying Organized: Entryway

Home entry way with a short bench, mirror, and table

  • Hallway Tree: Not only will a hallway tree add storage and organization to your home’s entrances, but it’s also often pretty enough to post to social media. Oftentimes these pieces have hooks for coats and sweaters and bins for shoes and other necessary everyday items!
  • Entry Table: Adding a table to your home’s entry can be an easy way to add storage for items that you tend to just “throw down” when you get home! You can add a basket or simple bin for your keys, sunglasses, mail, etc.

Staying Organized: Bedroom

Empty white vanity table with makeup brushes and drawers

  • Ottoman: Just like in your living room, adding an ottoman to your bedroom offers you a storage space for any extra blankets you may have or to store your throw pillows overnight when you’re not using them!
  • Vanity Table: These tables may seem like they’re going out of style, but they can be a creative way to add storage to your bedroom. If you find one with the right drawers, it could replace some of your need for an actual dresser for storing socks and other items!
  • Cube Bookshelves: You may be used to seeing these in children’s rooms and playrooms…and that’s not a bad thing! Utilizing both the cube itself and/or a square bin can help any children’s room appear cleaner and more organized (even if the inside of the bin is a mess).

Now that you have these tips at your fingertips, make sure you stop by Westco Home Furnishings! We’re happy to help you find the right organizing solutions for your home!