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Time for Springtime Feng Shui! How to Arrange Your Home for More Light in Spring

by Ann Ferguson

Spring is here! Or almost here anyways, but that just means you have more time to redecorate your home with a bit of feng shui in mind. For spring, the wood element is the guiding Chi force, celebrating new beginnings and new life energy.

And the way you tap into this energy is by filling up your home with more natural light and letting the spring spirit into your home!

Feng Shui Spring Spirit

Woman opening windows to enjoy the spring breeze

With the essence of feng shui in mind, you want to open up your home to new energy that'll revitalize your life. How do you do that? With a few simple tips:

  • Bring a sense of growth into your home by replacing tired plants with fresh, healthy ones.
  • Welcome healthy energy into your space by clearing out "dead wood" like dried flowers or potpourri.
  • Create welcoming vibes by clearing off the clutter on clear surfaces, like glass-top tables.
  • Let springtime air in by occasionally opening your windows, especially on warm, sunny days!
  • Nourish the wood energy in your home by adding a fountain, either a sizeable built-in feature or a small plug-in device.

Revive Your Living Room

Living room with gallery wall, plants and white accents

Revamping your living room is an excellent place to start, especially since you spend so much time in there watching TV, relaxing, or enjoying family fun. So, you'll want to follow a few fundamental guidelines to make your living space feel brighter.

  • Use soft lines and edges for peace and tranquility.
  • Only keep necessary items in your space or objects that bring you joy (à la Marie Kondo). It's spring, time to declutter!
  • Create a gallery wall of photos instead of a straight-edge design for fluidity.
  • Move your living room furniture away from the walls, windows, or beams (also a great tip to keep your furniture looking newer for longer).
  • Take out your curtains and leave mini blinds beneath or use lightweight, sheer curtains to open up your space.
  • Look for furniture with rounded or curved edges to make it seem like you have more space.

Pro Tip: If you have a rug under your coffee table, make sure the front legs of your chairs are on the rug to ground your space.

Brighten Up the Bedroom

Bed with lighter-colored throw and furniture

Since the bedroom is where we express ourselves the most, you'll want to liven up your sleep space as well. You might think that adding more light can interrupt your sleep, but with a few essential styling tips, you can create the illusion of light and hold on to those z's.

  • Only keep photos of who is sleeping in the room and keep the family photos in the family room.
  • Choose a light-colored tapestry or throw blanket to go over the foot of your bed.
  • Exchange your headboard to a solid one with no cutouts or loose frames. Or pick a lighter-colored one.
  • Position your bed so you can see the door. Try facing it diagonally to your room door so you can feel more secure.

Jazz Up the Dining Room

Dining table with decorative glassware

Another room to feng shui is your dining room. Even if you don't use it that often, you will benefit from adding a softer touch to your dining space.

  • Add a brighter tablecloth or runner to your tabletop. You can also involve some floral prints for that springtime flair.
  • Place pretty glassware as decoration where the sun will light it up. You can use these as vases, pencil holders, or candy dishes for more color.
  • Upgrade your dining chairs to ones that have lighter-color upholstery or wood finish.
  • Try going for bare flooring and take out any area rungs you use to make your space seem larger.

Add More Light in Any Space

Entryway with mirror, floral-accented seating and sleeping dog

You don't have to limit your springtime feng shui to just these rooms. You can add some zest to any space with some of these basics.

  • Go bright by adding white to your existing color scheme for added freshness, with white pillows, throws, etc.
  • Paint a focal wall in a brighter or lighter shade than your current wall, so you can add lighter tones without making a drastic change.
  • Add floral prints with accent pillows, duvet covers, seat cushions, tablecloths, or runners.
  • Use large mirrors to make a focal point in any room and reflect the light. Just be aware of potential glare in rooms with TVs.
  • Declutter your shelves to open up your space and make it appear larger.
  • Keep your windows sparkling clean! Dirty windows will block the natural light and might make your space seem grimier.
  • Repaint furniture or doors with bright, springtime colors.
  • Bring more plants in! You can pick easy-to-grow plants that are suited for spring and place them where they get lots of light!

Pro Tip: For your entryway, make sure to organize our space with a wall-mounted storage solution for mail, keys, sunglasses, etc., and add plants, mirrors, or accent chairs in bright colors if you have the space.

Upgrade Your Design Style

With these tips in mind, you can quickly bring spring vibes into every aspect of your home. And if you want to go a step further, you can always upgrade your furniture with a new design style! You could try a lively contemporary look or go for more refreshing vibes with a coastal theme. Mmm, can you feel that breeze?

No matter what you choose, you'll find just what you need at your local Westco Home Furnishings, whether you shop online or stop by in person. Need some design tips? Give our team a call! We'll help you make every room of your home feel fresh and new!