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It’s National Old Stuff Day! Discover How to Revamp Your Old Furniture

by Ann Ferguson

Let’s face it — we have a lot of stuff. And every year, there seems to be more and more of it. But that’s what National Old Stuff Day (Mar. 2) is for, to reevaluate your well-loved things and see what you can do to start decluttering your home. But don’t think you have to throw out all your old things.

Instead, when you rediscover an old treasure, you can bring it to life with these essential tips!

All They Need is Love

Before you start upcycling your furniture, you want to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. And if your favorites have seen better days, don’t despair; they just need some TLC! Learn how to do basic sewing and fix old curtains, pillows, bedding, cushioning. As for drawers, with a bit of glue and some extra nails, you can have a fully-functioning storage piece again!

Throw It on A Wall

Decorative plates on a wall

One way to upcycle your old favorites is by throwing them on a wall! You can turn old baskets, quilts, and vintage dishes into unique wall art that transforms your space. You’ll also have an amazing conversation piece that your friends can’t help but be curious about.

And to add more you to your décor, you can always find old picture frames and repaint them to match your kid’s drawings or kooky family photos!

Anything Can Be Storage

Do you have a bunch of old crates? Stack them up and create a unique storage unit where you can place shoes, linens, and décor. Give them a fresh coat of paint, add a design, and let the sky be the limit on how you arrange each crate.

If you have an under-used dining hutch, you can turn it into a much-needed linen closet and place it where it’s more convenient. And if you have an old bookcase, you can revamp it into a display hutch for all your trinkets.

Nightstands Everywhere

Stool being used as a nightstand next to bed

Don’t have a traditional nightstand? You can use almost anything as a quirky new bedside table. And we mean anything — old dining chairs, stools, or a step ladder with wide shelves. You can even repurpose a short dresser and add new hardware, so it resembles a nightstand more.

You can even refit a small book cabinet and utilize the shelves for all the knickknacks you like to keep handy.

Vintage is Always Best

Vintage vanity with dark finish

As you declutter, you might find some family hand-me-downs from your grandparent’s time and think it’s time for the old heave-ho. But you’d be making a big mistake — you can’t go wrong with vintage!

Add a fresh coat of paint or embrace the aged design and change up your style. You can try joining pieces together or completely making them over, turning a vintage dresser into a unique chair, or even turning a rocking chair into a swing for the yard!

Breathing New Life

Repurposed vintage bathtub into patio seating

There are endless opportunities to breathe new life into your well-loved furniture and décor. But if you’re looking for unique ideas to change things up, you’re in the right place!

  • Old Doors: Turn big room doors or cabinet doors into a new low-cost headboard. Add some crown molding at the top, and you’ll even have a spot to place your alarm clock.
  • Armoires: Make a hidden home bar with a fresh coat of paint and a mirrored back panel or repurpose it into a country pantry to store other items.
  • Ladders: Create a walk-by closet by joining two cabinets with a ladder or building a clothing rack with extra wood panels.
  • Wood Pallets: Add a coat of paint and some legs, and you’ll have a rustic, cost-effective patio table.
  • Dressers: Create a kitchen island by adding a butcher block top and caster wheels! Or create a standing desk.
  • Cribs: Take out some of the side panels, turn them into shelves, and add a glass top and you have a brand-new desk!
  • Window Frames: Replace the glass panels with cork or chalkboard and add hooks for a convenient message board or entryway organizer!
  • Clawfoot Bathtubs: Become inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s and turn a vintage bathtub into kitschy seating. Remember, this will require a lot more work.

Add Something New

Of course, you can’t always repurpose all your darlings, and that’s okay. They’ve done their job well, and you’ll always have the memories. But if you found you took decluttering too seriously, and now parts of your home feel empty, you can always complement your well-loved favorites with something new.

Whether that means new furniture or home décor pieces, you’ll find what you need in our catalog or in-store at your local Westco Home Furnishings. Need some help? Don’t hesitate to give us a call — we’re happy to help!