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Add Some Green to Your Home this National Houseplant Appreciation Day

by Ann Ferguson

We’ve all tried keeping a houseplant alive at some point in our lives. Some of us were successful and bought a few more. Some of us were not successful. But it doesn’t matter whether you have a green or black thumb — everyone can benefit from houseplants! Living with plants can affect your mood and health and accent the style of any room. So, get ready to refresh your home for the new year with these tips!

A Breath of Fresh Air…Literally

Woman smelling plant

Before we go into all the design details, we’ll let you in on a little secret: living with houseplants can positively affect your health!

According to NASA, studies have shown that having plants in your home can improve your mood, reduce fatigue, lower stress, decrease anxiety, and improve your focus. They can even boost your ability to heal and tolerate pain — which is mind-boggling!

But the number one benefit of plants has to be their ability to clean the air. That’s right, with houseplants like lavender, rubber plants, dracaena, spider plants, and several others, you can purify the air in a room and reduce indoor dust by 20 percent! So, if you suffer from allergies or other lung issues, you won’t regret adding some green to your home.

Green Up Your Entryway

Now that you’re more familiar with the healthy benefits of houseplants, it’s time to turn to your home design: starting with your entryway!

Since your entryway is the first thing a person will see when they enter your home, you’ll want to use that opportunity to make a great first impression. By adding some plants to your entryway, you’ll create a welcoming atmosphere that can put your guests at ease. And if you use real plants, you’ll have a natural deodorizer that your guests will love to breathe in.

Pro Tip: Use tall, lean plants that don’t need a lot of light, or try decorating with faux plants!

Find Your Work Ficus — Ahem, Focus

Man watering plant in home office

When it comes to decorating with houseplants, there’s one place you shouldn’t overlook — your home office! Whether it’s a lonely Ficus or a mini jungle, having plants in your workspace will help you get into work mode much easier.

One way you can uplift your work-from-home space is by mixing some plants with your books, knickknacks, and décor in your bookshelves. You can aim for a variety of greens for a wide array of textures, which can help your space seem less cramped.

Do you have any windows in your home office? Try hanging a few plants over the window, setting them on the windowsill, or creating a small cluster!

You can also use fake plants in your office space, but you might not enjoy the air-freshening qualities of real plants.

Pro Tip: If you have a hutch connected to your desk area, add a few succulents or other small plants to bring the green a little closer to your workspace.

Dinner Party Dress Up

Dining table with settings and plant

If you love entertaining guests for dinner and getting everything ready, make your dining table part of your dinner-party preparations. No doubt you already have fine China and gleaming silverware, but don’t miss your chance to show off your love of nature!

By adding drapey plants like garland greenery, you’ll have a stunning, natural centerpiece that you can dress up for any occasion. You can accent your plants with tasteful candles, votives, or vases to make your dining table pop!

Pro Tip: Avoid plants in pots and vases on your dining table so that it doesn’t clash with your dinnerware or accidentally get soil anywhere you don’t want it.

Welcome to the Jungle

Bright living room with lots of plants

Your living room will offer you the most opportunity to decorate with a variety of houseplants. You can accent any table with a green focal point that creates relaxing vibes in your home. Don’t forget to surround your seating area with plants, too!

Do you have an unused fireplace? Make it the focal point of your living room design by putting potted plants on the mantel and larger plants in your fireplace. Keep experimenting with your arrangement until you find one that speaks to you.

Pro Tip: If you have high-energy children or pets or just have a black thumb, consider adding dried stems like pampas grass or eucalyptus in a vase for a plant-like feel minus the upkeep.

Peaceful Bedroom

Turning your bedroom into a haven of peace and relaxation is possible with the right houseplant arrangement. And the possibilities are endless!

You can try framing the windows with plants to bring the outdoor feel closer to where you sleep or hang plants from the ceiling. Or, if you’d rather have plants further away, set tall leafy plants in the corners of your room. You’ll surround yourself with cozy plants without feeling like you’re losing yourself inside a forest.

But if a forests-scape is more your vibe, go right ahead and get your wander on!

Think Outside the Box — or Pot

Several terrariums lined up in a row

There are so many ways you can accent your home with plants in every room of the house. You can’t go wrong. Find what works for you and your style and show off your incredible taste. But if you’re looking for some out-of-the-box thinking, we have a few tips just for you:

  • Go vertical by placing pants in hanging shelves, pegboards, etc. You can even have planted herbs in jars mounted to your kitchen wall.
  • Freshen up the bathroom with some air-freshening plants! Your family will thank you.
  • Have fun with vines! Accent any wall or frame any door with some plant vines (just don’t try swinging from one!).
  • Turn your reading nook into a secret garden — you won’t want to read anywhere else!
  • Ditch the pots and vases by putting your succulents in vintage, no-longer-going-to-use China for a unique, kooky look.
  • Create a stylish terrarium! Bring out your inner scientist and get creative with different looks!

Furniture Upgrade

Adding houseplants to your home décor is just one of the many ways to change up the style of your home. But if you’re current furniture is looking a little tired, even when surrounded by fresh, vibrant greens, it might be time for an upgrade.

So, whether you’re looking for new dining room furniture, home office furniture, or home accents, we have what you need! Not sure where to start looking? Don’t worry — our experts at Westco Home Furnishings are happy to help, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!