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How to Maximize Your Small Space

by Nora Jaymes

Living in a small apartment or a tiny home doesn’t mean that you can’t still feel like you’re living in a mansion! Okay – maybe it does…but it certainly doesn’t have to feel like you’re cramped or that you don’t have room to do the things you want to do! Discover how to get more space into your studio or home with these design, layout, and furniture ideas! These tips & tricks can fit any style or budget – just make them work for you!

White shelves filled with baskets and bins

1. Eliminate Clutter

You don’t have to save your purging for the spring! Take this opportunity to get rid of everything that you don't need (hint: if you haven’t used it or even thought about it in 6+ months, it’s probably safe to remove it from your life)! It goes without saying that the less that you have, the less you have to find room for in your small space.

2. Organize everything!

If everything has a space, there won't be space for clutter or overflow in your home (plus, it will help you know where everything is and therefore avoid buying or owning duplicates of things)! Utilizing boxes & bins in your shelves will allow you to keep your living space clear while remaining organized. When considering bookshelves for your studio or tiny home, look at options that go up rather than across. You’ll find that there is more space to organize and store your belongings if you utilize all the wall space your home has to offer.

Studio apartment with open shelves as divider

3. Keep Furniture Against the Wall

By arranging furniture against the walls of your space, you leave as much floor space open as possible. That’s so much room for activities (yoga, puzzles, hosting parties, etc.)! When you eliminate pieces in the middle of your space, you’ll give off the impression of having more room. 

4. Choose Open or Semi-Open Furniture

Dense or bulky furniture can block natural light and movement in your space. Opting for open bookshelves, nightstands, chairs, etc. can create a spacious feeling by leaving room for white space. Plus, this option allows for more space and options for the organization mentioned earlier!

Small bedroom with a standing mirror

5. Use Mirrors to Widen the Space

Reflective surfaces can create the illusion of a wider or taller space! You can use a large mirror (or several smaller mirrors tiled together) to create a pseudo window or turn a longer, skinny mirror on it’s side to make any wall in your home look longer. PLUS – a tall mirror will draw your eye upward, instantly making the room feel more spaciaous!

6. Decorate in Neutral Colors

Neutral tones have a bad rap for being boring or too safe of an option. However, not only does starting with a neutral base allow for a wider variety of statement pieces/colors – BUT decorating in lighter, neutral tones such as white, off-white, or beige will reflect natural light and create an illusion of more space! Or, if you’re looking for something with a hint more color, you can also choose a softer version of another color – blush pink, soft mint, lavender, etc. – and get the same effect.

You’re a Maximizing Master!

Now that you’ve got these strategies under your belt, go forth & make your space work for you! And if you find that your couch is too big or you don’t have enough shelves to maximize your wall space, check out the selection at Westco Home Furnishings!

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