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5 Ways To Maximize Space in Kids' Bedrooms

by Reyna Thomas

Creating a space for your child to play and grow should be enjoyable. However, it can also be a difficult task. After all, creating an amazing, functional room that your child will enjoy now and in the future is a challenging task!

Need a little advice? We've got you covered. This useful round-up of tips is to help you design the perfect space for your kids. So, whether you're building from scratch or looking for ways to improve an existing space, you'll find plenty of ideas here!

Have Designated Space

If you have kids who share a room or just have a lot of stuff, maximizing the space first begins with knowing what goes inside of it and where you want it. Large furniture like bunk beds, desks, or dressers can take up a lot of space, but it's easier to work and design around if you know those are for sure items you're including in the space. Likewise, if you have two kids in one room who both want their own space knowing which side is whose and what they each want in their designated space is a good foundational step.

two little boys playing in bedroom

Choose The Right Bed

If you aren't sure where to start with large furniture, you're better off choosing a bed first. In most bedrooms, the bed takes up the most space. To avoid taking up unnecessary space in a child's bedroom, stick to smaller beds like twin beds. You could also opt to use lofted beds to double the usable space in your kid's room. Then your child can have an additional play zone that can easily be converted into a reading nook or play area.

Multifunctional Storage

Prioritize bedroom storage solutions that will grow with your child and use objects that can do double—or triple—duty when arranging their rooms. This includes flexible shelving and hanging spaces in closets, drawer space beneath the bed, plenty of shelves, and toy storage alternatives. When they're younger, shelving can hold things like toys, games, and dolls; as they get older, it can hold books, plus schooling and gaming equipment. Ottomans work great as a table, storage, or seating, so it's a great addition to any room.

young girl relaxing on bed

The space under the bed can be one of the most underutilized storage locations in bedrooms, but it's ideal for storage and enhancing kids' room organization! Simply use storage containers, drawers, or boxes to keep kids' clothing, toys, books, and other items organized and easy to find under the bed. This can also help free up dresser and closet spaces in your kid's room!

Less Is More

This mantra applies particularly when you are looking at shared bedroom ideas, small bedroom ideas, or for children who need a calm, restful space at the end of the day. It doesn't take a lot of clutter, toys, or knick-knacks to make a space, especially small ones, feel disjointed and disorganized. In fact, seeing a cluster of picture frames, accessories, and stuffed animals littered about your child's room can actually make a small room feel smaller.

Instead, use deep drawers, baskets, and cubbies to keep everything streamlined and organized. Or regularly donate items and remove all the unused items out of the room for more space. And If you can, you want to try to keep your child's bedroom free of clutter – from toys to schoolwork. This will allow you to design a child's bedroom that's just about sleep and rest – or a quiet space.

boy with laptop and headset at home

Vertical Storage

When floor space is limited, utilize the vertical space in your children's rooms! So, instead of a bulky bookcase, use thin book ledges hung on the wall, or use wall sconces instead of a table lamp. You can even try displaying your children's sentimental or delicate belongings on high-up shelves or on top of tall furniture. And For stuffed animals, try hanging a mesh hammock from the ceiling. Filling up your vertical space can truly make a difference when it comes to getting everything your kid wants in their room. It's also an easy way to keep excess storage out of direct eyesight!

bed and desk in girl's room

Whether it's your bedroom or your kids' bedroom that needs a revamp, Westco Home Furnishings is here to help! You can find the furniture you need from beds, desks, and even bookshelves to create a dream space for your kids or yourself! Give us a call or visit our store today to get started! If you have any questions, we're always here to help!