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5 Simple Ways to Kid-Proof Your Living Room

by Reyna Thomas

Our living rooms are where we gather as a family to unwind and rest. However, for small children, there are numerous hazards and concerns to watch out for that you might not think about initially

But don’t worry. You can make your home considerably safer for your child by making a few design changes. Check out our guide for loads of ideas on how to make your living area both adult and kid-friendly without sacrificing style.

Soften The Edges

Being one of the most centrally positioned and heavily trafficked furniture in the home, the coffee table has been known to take out even the most agile of adults with its sharp edges, making it even more dangerous for children. But, lining it in foam is not the solution.

Instead, avoiding sharp corners altogether is a terrific way to make it safer for children. So look for circular accent tables when it’s time to upgrade. Alternatively, an upholstered option such as a fashionable, oversize ottoman with cushioned edges and an easy-to-clean exterior is suitable. Some ottomans even feature storage space on the inside.

Mother sitting on couch while son plays on round coffee table


Although bare flooring can look fantastic in some spaces, it’s a good idea to have soft rugs for children to sit on and play on. A rug will shield your child’s hands and knees from the rough floor while providing a safe and comfortable play area. They’re also ideal for rooms with children because they’re simple to remove and have professionally cleaned if necessary. Keep in mind that a rug adds one more item to your kid-proofing list.

father and son playing in living room

Place one foot on the rug’s edge and the other on the ground. Push off the foot that is planted on the floor without lifting your feet. If it moves easily, you need to be careful; when your child steps on a rug that moves, they can slip and tumble. A non-slip rug pad is the most convenient way to kid-proof a rug. Since the rug pad is tucked away beneath your rug and out of sight, it won’t impede your design. But you must choose a rug pad that is closest in size to the dimensions of your rug. The kid-proofing effect will be lost if the pad is too small.

Check the Fabrics

Accidents happen, and so does dirt. There will always be spills or dirt, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. So choose durable upholstery fabrics to set yourself up for success.

Stain-resistant fabrics are both fashionable and practical. Alternatively, choose a more durable material, such as engineered fabrics, over natural fabrics. Or, better yet, try leather, which is easy to clean and buff when nicked or scratched. Do some research on the type of material you’re buying beforehand to ensure it will last in your home.

family in the living room looking at spilled popcorn

Watch Their Reach

Everything your child can reach on their tiptoes is in the “danger zone.” This means that attractive, fragile items like TVs, picture frames, and ceramics have no place on low-lying surfaces. Placing frames out of reach, mounting them on the wall, or replacing them with plastic are all options. If at all possible, mount your television to the wall. If not, consider obtaining a taller TV stand, anchoring it to the wall, and using furniture straps to secure it.

baby playing on TV set

Tuck the Cords and Wires

Another danger you might not see coming is cords and wires. Blind cords should be stored in a cord winder or strung around a wall anchor. Or you can just pull your blinds up and wrap the rope around them to keep everything out of reach.

For loose wires around your entertainment area, consider fastening them to the baseboards, placing them beneath wire organizers, move them away from your child’s reach entirely. If you plug a cord into an outlet, use a cord cover to keep curious hands away.

baby playing with electrical extension and wires on floor

Kid-proofing is a way to create a home where you can be confident that you’ve done everything possible to keep your children safe. This means finally being able to relax while your kids play freely.

If you need to get new furniture like ottomans, TV stands, or rugs, know that Westco Home Furnishings is here to help! If you come across questions while you browse our site, just give us a call or stop by today!