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Is The Farmhouse Look Still Trending in 2022?

by Reyna Thomas

The summertime gives a lot of homeowners the break they need to finally come around to fixing up their homes. But, as you scroll Instagram or Pinterest for trendy design looks, we know you’re still obsessing over the chic farmhouse style. But, you might find yourself asking: is farmhouse design still in?

The homey vibes and white-washed furniture strongly influenced households around the country, but has it survived and stood the test of time these rough few years? Well, design trends are all over the place as people still feel the effects of the Covid era. So, it’s not a clear-cut answer, but we’ll help you with your design questions!

What Is Farmhouse Style?

The farmhouse style is meant to give off a cozy and warm feel. This design style is characterized by crossbeams, natural woods, all-wood dining sets, sparse upholstery, and lots of white tones. Overall, it is relaxed, comfortable, and laid back. Perfect for those who want to create cabin vibes or inviting ones in their home!

Is Farmhouse Style Out for 2022?

This blog piqued your curiosity for one of two reasons, you like this style but want to stay trendy, or you’re new to this style and wanted to see what the hype was about. Well, here’s the big reveal, the style isn’t going out of trend — completely. That is to say, every design style goes through a revolution or clearing out of sorts. And that’s what the modern farmhouse look is going through.

Since the style, as it is, made its debut years ago, a lot of the overly commercialized “trendy” furniture you see is rooted in the farmhouse look, and now to some, it feels oversaturated. But, instead of leaving the farmhouse look in the past, you can embrace its newest of revamps. Or, find ways to revamp it yourself with different décor and other furniture!

Say Goodbye

But if you want to truly stay on trend and keep your home chic, there are a few items the farmhouse era coined that you should let go of.

farmhouse style interior with pillow that says choose happiness

Typography Signs

We’re sorry to say it, but anything that says “Gather,” “Live, Laugh, Love,” “Welcome to the Farm,” “Blessed,” etc., falls under this category. It was charming and creative at first, but now such signs feel a tad cliche.

wooden typography sign

Faux-Distressed Furniture

Finding furniture in a flea market with genuine charm is one thing. However, buying cheap, worn-out furniture was a craze that was inevitably short-lived. Anything that is already distressed when you buy it should be avoided. The real thing is considerably better and almost certainly costs less than it would at a large retailer.

Decor That Looks Home Crafted But Isn’t

Another element to say farewell to is décor which appears home-crafted but is actually manufactured. For example, mason jars mounted on barnboard and hung as décor just make your home look off.  Similarly, faux-antique window panes with chicken wire in the background are also no longer in vogue. Honestly, it may be time to replace whatever farmhouse item you purchased from that major mass retailer of home goods during the last maybe five years.

How to Update Your Farmhouse Design for 2022

Farmhouse design is essentially shifting away from imitation pieces in favor of real ones (so actual distressed furniture as opposed to artificial), adding antiques or contemporary pieces for balance and depth, and personalizing the style to make it less overdone. Adding new hues and patterns is also helpful. But there are other ways to revamp the look and stay chic!

fresh take on farmhouse style in living room

Botanical Prints

Currently, a big farmhouse wall art trend is botanical prints, like pictures of ferns or eucalyptus or sketch drawings of flower bouquets. This is also a great way to add color or “greenery” to a room if you haven’t quite got a green thumb and still enjoy the calming effects of being around nature.

Pale Woods

The distressed wood look is out. Instead, these are replaced by light, stripped wood with a subtle white wash. This look makes for great foundation pieces that you can build your overall look on. And it blends well with other furniture pieces.

Fun Patterns

Another way to reinvent your style is by adding fun patterns to every room! So, gather all of the farmhouse furniture you plan on using and see if you can find a pattern that matches and adds flair! It’s an easy way to break up too many neutral colors and add a personal touch instead of using the typical buffalo check plaid.

family shopping for furniture

As of right now, the farmhouse style isn’t out of the favorites list just yet. As you welcome a new farmhouse design look into your home, remember to cultivate pieces that still showcase you — whether on-trend or not.

And when you’re ready to start shopping, Westco Home Furnishings has the furniture you need to create the farmhouse look you want for your home! And if you need any help, just give us a call or stop by; we’d love to help!