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Create a Cozy Nook in Your Home in Time for National Hermit Day!

by Nora Jaymes

In case you haven’t heard, National Hermit Day is this week! Now, normally being called a “hermit” would be considered a negative thing, but it doesn’t have to be! Being a hermit can mean prioritizing relaxation, coziness (the Danish like to call this “hygge”), and being unplugged. Adding all three of these things into your daily or self-care routine can be immensely healthy in various ways! Read on to discover how to make the perfect cozy nook in your home for your hermit days!

Woman laying back on a tan couch reading a book and drinking coffee

Why is it Important to Unplug From Your Technology?

There are numerous benefits to taking a day or just a couple of hours to unplug from your electronics! Many people who take some time away from their devices find that it can reduce stress, improve their interpersonal and conversational skills, help them be more productive, and allow them to be more present. PLUS putting aside your phone for about an hour before you’re ready for bed at night can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly!

How to Create a Cozy, “Hermit” Space in Your Home?

Blue armchair with yellow pillows, an open book on the seat

Get a Cozy Chair or Loveseat

When choosing the seating in your nook, it’s important to consider several things: what will you be doing in this corner (reading, listening to podcasts, napping, etc.)? Is this YOUR corner or will others be using it as well? How do you normally like to sit (legs curled under you, laying down, like you’re a Queen with perfect posture)?

If you tend to curl up or you’re going to spend your time reading, a recliner or an oversized chair (a “chair and a half”) would be the best choice! They would offer the versatility to wrap your feet underneath you and stretch out when your feet fall asleep.

If you are likely to take naps or you like to stretch out, consider a loveseat or a chaise lounge. You might lean more towards a loveseat if you think you’ll be sharing the space with others – as it would allow for room for two people to relax in the space simultaneously. PLUS it would allow more room for pillows and chunky blankets.

If you tend to value your posture, you might want to consider a wingback chair! This option is also the most modern choice of the seating bunch (followed closely by the chaise lounge). So if your home has a more modern vibe, this might be the best option to keep the flow of your space.

Add a Side Table

A side table or a coffee table is an essential part of your cozy nook! Without it, where will you put your coffee or tea? Where will you rest your book once your eyes begin to flutter? This is also an area of your space that you can customize to find the perfect one to match your home’s style! There’s contemporary, farmhouse, retro, etc. – a little something for everyone! It’s also a great place to be able to add a lamp to your space if you’re without natural light. Speaking of table lamps…

Gray couch with throw pillows, chunky blanket, and a relaxing cat under a lamp

Include Proper Lighting

Since you’ll probably be utilizing a corner or a nook of your home to create a cozy space, it’s likely there won’t be an abundance of natural light, so you’ll need to supplement! You can choose a table or a standing lamp, retro or modern, one bulb or multiple – the possibilities are endless here! You could even add string lights to really cozy up the vibe.

Try to stick with lights that will give off a warm hue. Warm light (often thought of as light with a reddish or orange tint) is perfect for spaces where you want to relax and be comfortable. It mimics the setting sun outside and signals to your body that it’s time to wind down and get ready for sleep.

Add a Rug for Warmth

A rug can be a great way to bring some color and texture to your cozy nook! There are so many different ways that you can go with this room accessory, too. If you want something that just adds a little pizzazz, you can pick something with a lower pile and rougher material (something more patterned and woven). Or if you want something that adds even more comfort, you can pick an option with a higher pile and soft feel (cotton, wool, etc.). Either way you go, a rug can truly tie this space together!

A white wall with bohemian decorations and hanging plants

Decorate Your Space

Now, onto the fun part – decorating! Blank walls can make a space feel cold – adding mirrors, art prints, or even floating shelves can really warm up a space. Or, an even easier idea would be to put up a bookshelf! Bookshelves offer space to add plants, candles, books (which bring in both color and texture), etc. Plants would be a great option in your nook as they offer color and help cleanse the air! Choose pots in warm tones (terracotta/brass) or in woven baskets to really amp up the cozy feel.

The Finishing Touches

Your space is definitely going to need some cozy extras! You could add baskets full of blankets and throw pillows, add an ottoman or a poof to kick your feet up, and so much more. Let your imagination run wild!

Do you have everything you need to unplug and be a hermit? Contact us or stop in to shop our selection – we can help!