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What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture

by Reyna Thomas

Your patio is a continuation of your home. You entertain visitors outside on your patio, relax with your morning coffee, play with the kids, and more. So, you should design that area with the same care and thought that you put into the rest of your home.

There are many choices to be made when it comes to outdoor design, but one of the key factors to consider is furniture. Patio furniture is available in various combinations, materials, shapes, styles, and colors, to name a few. And finding the best patio furniture for your lifestyle can take some work. But with this quick rundown, you’ll know exactly what outdoor furniture you want.

When you decide to buy patio furniture, you should ask yourself: how do I want to use my outdoor space? And how much space do I have? Then you can figure out the type and style you need.

a group of people enjoy a meal outside

Furniture Sets

If dining outside is something your family loves, or you like using your outdoor space for entertainment, you should look into getting a furniture set. These sets come complete with everything you need to get your outdoor seating and dining area started.

  • Bistro sets: Bistro sets come in a variety of materials and are suitable for small spaces (a balcony or a small patio at an apartment). Bistro sets are available in both standard and balcony heights and can be customized with decorative seat cushions.
  • Dining sets: Patio dining sets, which come in groups of five to eleven pieces, are the way to go for enjoying meals outside. Look for a set with an expandable table if you occasionally require a large dining table.
  • Lounge sets: Lounge sets include chairs, sofas, chaise lounges, coffee tables, and end tables. It’s like having a second living room but outside! Lounge sets are available in a wide range of materials and are frequently padded for extra comfort.


The kind of material used to construct your furniture will significantly impact the furniture’s performance. Weather conditions, overall design, budget, and how to maintain the furniture on a regular basis are all factors to consider. The material you select should be highly functional, able to endure lengthy exposure to moisture, sun, and wind, and stylish enough to complement the rest of your patio.

couple enjoying a drink outside

Do you live in an area where it is frequently windy? You may want to consider heavier furniture, such as wrought iron. Do you anticipate rearranging your furnishings on a regular basis? Wicker, for example, is a light material that could work well.

Aluminum, cast aluminum, wrought iron, steel, wicker, rattan, recycled plastic, natural wood, and teak are some of the numerous materials available for outdoor furniture, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages based on your local weather conditions and desired look.

Outdoor Fabrics

a 4-piece outdoor set

Whether you’re adding throw pillows to your existing patio furniture or going all-in on a plush sectional, you’ll want a fabric that can last outside. Look for fabrics that are both washable and resistant to water and mildew, especially if you like to entertain or your furniture will be next to a pool. If the furniture will be in direct sunlight, look for UV-protected furnishings that will not fade.

Outdoor Accessories

Once you’ve found your core pieces for your outdoor spaces, it’s time to decorate! Whether you’re lounging or dining on the patio, umbrellas add to your style and provide a welcome relief from the heat. Fire pits are also a great addition to your space as they keep your outside space warm all year and provide a touch of ambiance.

a shaded outdoor space

You might not have thought about putting a rug on your patio, but doing so gives it the sense of an outdoor living room. Outdoor rugs, like indoor rugs, are available in various forms, sizes, colors, and patterns to give your place a unique appeal. 

The type of outdoor furniture you choose is influenced by how you intend to use your outdoor space and how much space you have available. You can mix and match tables and chairs to create a unique environment or go for a more classic dining set or lounge set to maximize your gathering space. Our furniture is available in various combinations, styles, sizes, colors, and materials, so you’re sure to discover something that matches your own taste. 

Now that you know how to find outdoor furniture, visit Westco Home Furnishings to locate the best selection of furniture to complete your backyard paradise! If you have any questions, give us a call, we’re happy to help!