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Smile and Pose! Make Your Shelves Worthy of a Selfie

by Reyna Thomas

January 26th is coming, so you know what that means? It’s Library Shelfie Day! The day where all the book lovers and bookcase styling geniuses show off their shelves. Just upload images to social media and use #LibraryShelfie to get in on the fun and see what others share. But wait! If your bookshelves are a mess, we’d like to take the time to help you renovate and spruce them up a bit.

Dial Back Distractions

If your bookcase is your zoom background while working from home or it’s part of your reading nook, try to eliminate the distractions. You don’t have to get rid of your trinkets or any display items but limit your bookshelf to what is necessary. So, if your bookshelf doubles as your backdrop, it might not be the best space for a digital picture frame. Similarly, if your bookcase is in a work or reading space toys and tech might serve as a distraction.

woman smiling in front of bookcase

Show Off Your Favorite Finds

If you have more treasures than books this tip is perfect for you. Maybe you are a trinket collector or antique collector, those items deserve space too! So, after you line up your books how you like them, you can then focus on filling in empty shelf space with your more delicate or precious items. When you group them the various sizes, shapes, and colors complement each other, and remember placing a collection together emphasizes it. So don’t be afraid to place your glass figurines amongst Shakespeare or antique statuettes between your Stephen King novels. Likewise, if you have more books than trinkets, you can use what little trinkets you do have to make a simple bookstand to showcase your favorite or current read to the front.

mother, son, and daughter smiling on at worktable in front huge bookshelf

Make a Stack

Say some of your shelves aren’t full like you want them to be. There’s a quick fix for that to not only help take your eye of negative space put to also help add dimension to your shelves. And that’s, stacking. To assist scatter heights and bring flair to your accessory arrangement, use books stacked on their sides as platforms. That way until you can disperse attention away from your books and onto your décor, trinket, other items. You can also use wood or lacquer boxes as pedestals and compotes, cake stands, and other risers.

Bring In Some Green

Now for those who don’t have antiques or collector items to show off, have you considered plants? Those with a green thumb surrounded by luscious plants can quickly and beautifully add some flare to their shelves with some plants. So, not only do you get to show off your book taste, but you can also subtly show off how healthy your plants are! We didn’t forget about those without green thumbs, though. Try dried plants in stylish vases or some cuttings from plants outdoors if you want to add some foliage without the hassle.

photo of neutral designed bookcase with plants on it

Give it Purpose

You could also use functionality to unify a shelf display. For instance, you could change a shelf into a bar or a serving station. Just take a shelf out above the space you want to create more room. This can also work great if your bookcase or shelves center around your TV or computer and you need extra space to store equipment.

kid running to shelf that has space for toys

Arrange Books by Color

Some people with a ton of books have no idea how to organize them. Do you do it by name? Size? Author? Have any of you thought about doing it by color? Arranging your books by color can be a great attention grabber for those who want to spark conversation about their books. Doing so will add instant zing to your bookcase. Remove the dust jackets from your hardbacks as well, especially if they have unusual spines or rich cover material.

Mix Art with Books

Don’t just stick photos and art on the walls. Shelves are also fantastic display areas, and they make it easy to cycle new pieces into your home gallery on a regular basis. To make little pieces part of the backdrop, hang them on the wall behind open shelves or tack them to the back of closed shelves.

If Library Shelfie Day inspires you to do anything, we hope it’s to get started on those bookcases! And don’t worry if you need help, just come to the experts at Westco Home Furnishings. We can help you find the bookcase you need to start the reading nook or display center you need for your home. Hurry in today or give us a call!