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Discover the Benefits of a Modular Sectional & How It'll Work in Your Space

by Ann Ferguson

Whether upgrading your living room or just moving into your new home, finding the right seating is a real challenge. How many seats can you fit in your living room? What style do you want? Do you need reclining chairs?

No doubt you have more questions, but chief among them is: What is a modular sectional? A modular sectional has different "modules" or sections that you can reconfigure and rearrange. Each piece is designed to be the same height, so you can quickly shuffle them around to find the right fit.

So, if you love to change up your living room every few months or move frequently, the benefits of a modular sectional are just what you need.

Size Doesn't Matter

Modular seating in a compact space

The essential benefit of modular seating is the exact sizing. Regardless if you have a large, great room or a compact living room, you can add or remove pieces until you have enough seating for your space. For instance, if you get a modular sectional for a small living space and only have four or five seats when you move to a larger home, you can add two or more pieces to fill in the gaps.

Having a sectional in your living room will even help the room look bigger!

Always the Host with the Most — Seating!

Whether you love hosting guests or have the home your friends and families gravitate towards, modular seating is your secret weapon. With a modular sectional, you can easily move a few pieces (or the whole thing!) to accommodate your entertainment setup.

So, if you want to bring over a sideboard or cart to hold the refreshments and snacks, you don't have to clog up the traffic flow!

Moving Day? No Problem!

Moving a grey modular sectional

A modular sectional features several pieces that you can move around in your room. But did you know that it also makes them easier to move from home to home? The modules make it so you can easily lift them and transport them wherever you need, instead of having to move a heavy couch in and out.

Plus, having all those flexible pieces makes it easier to stack them in the moving truck!

Change it Up

Not only can you add and remove pieces as needed, but you can also completely change up your seating arrangement. We're not talking just going from a four-person seating to a six; we mean changing everything entirely.

Do you want to have your seating facing each other to make conversation easier? Do you want to add ottomans between chairs? Or move around your side or end tables? You can ultimately makeover how your living or great room looks with minimal effort, no matter which you prefer!

Style for Days

Contemporary style modular sectional

No doubt, you want your seating to look fantastic with your space. Whether as a main style focal point or as part of your grand design, modular seating has style in spades. You can choose from various design styles for a cohesive look or mix and match! The beauty of modular sectionals is that you can pick the color or pattern you want for each seat.

The Quick Fix

Regardless of how careful you are with your seating, some mishaps are inevitable. Whether the legs broke, the upholstery tore, or the arm is falling off, you don't have to go out and replace the entire sectional. With a modular sectional, you can easily replace the broken section.

While you can always use it as an opportunity to change up your home, you don't have to unless you want to.

Sweet Relaxation

Family relaxing on a stationary sectional

Of course, the main benefit of modular seating is comfort! With so many seats at your disposal, you can spread out or even lay down and take a nap! And if you want to binge-watch your favorite shows for hours, you won't get tired or sore from sitting in one spot for so long!

To Recline or Not to Recline

Modular sectionals provide you with several choices and options for your home, including having a reclining sectional or a stationary sectional. But how do you choose?

Stationary sectionals typically have more contemporary style options and work well whenever you have guests over for game nights. And if you want the chance to put your feet up, you can add a chaise lounge or an ottoman to your setup.

A reclining sectional supports your head, neck, and lumbar region while letting you adjust the back and leg to your exact needs! Some reclining sectionals even have adjustable headrests and lumbar areas to make movie nights even more enjoyable Either way, you’ll be so comfortable you won’t want to get up (been there, done that).

How Do You Configure

U-shaped sectional

With so many options, figuring out how to make your sectional work in your space can be tricky. First, decide how many seats you think you'll need. Do you have a large family or always have guests over? Once you've determined the number of seats, then you can decide how you want to configure your seating.

  • L-Shaped: Two sections come together in an L-shape, with one side typically longer than the other and is ideal for big rooms with plenty of wall space or rooms with lots of corners.
  • U-Shaped: Looks like U, although sometimes one side is shorter than the other. U-shaped sectionals work well in square or awkwardly shaped rooms or if you have a lot of space to fill.
  • Curved: Have a distinct curve that creates a half-circle, which is helpful in entertainment rooms so everyone has a great TV angle!
  • Sectional with Chaise: Add a chaise to any sectional to create a lounge area. This configuration pairs well with side and sofa tables and is ideal for open-plan or compact spaces.
  • Sectional with Sleeper: A sectional with a sofa sleeper helps turn your living room into an instant guest room. Make sure you have enough space in front of the sleeper for the pull-out mattress!

Find Your Sectional

A modular sectional provides several benefits no matter how you configure it. While a sofa, loveseat, and chair set have advantages, a modular sectional gives you more options to change your space. So, if you're ready to try on a mod for size, Westco Home Furnishings has you covered!

Have any questions about sectionals? Go ahead and contact our store! We're more than happy to help guide you to your ideal choice.